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Welcome to the ClubWizardTM demonstration web site.  This web site highlights many of the features of a typical ClubWizardTM web site. 


ClubWizardTM  is the complete website and management solution for Clubs and Districts.  Designed specifically to meet the specific needs of Clubs and Districts, ClubWizardTM provides you with all of the tools that you need to lead and manage your Club or District effectively.


Browse this web site to see many of the features available for your Lions Club:



If you would like a ClubWizardTM website for your Club or District, please contact us or visit our web site for more information.  Your customized website can be up and running just a few days, and you can try it for a free 30-Day Trial with no risk, no cost, and absolutely no obligation.


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 Lions Club Theme: We Serve

Ashok Mehta - President, Lions International

John Albert - President, Lexington Lions Club


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